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Archery Division

Point of Contacts

Brian Crow

Beverly Crow
270 566 3360

All ages and skill levels welcome!

Archery Tournaments are held for all ages. To participate contact one of the men or women who help the Adair County Sportsmen’s Club with the archery tournaments.

We are blessed to be able to give away 3-D Targets to one of our Archery Event participants. With every event you shoot, we add a ticket with your name to the drawing that is held at the end of the year.

$10.00 fee for 30 Targets
8-12 years of age only $5.00

Sign in at 9am CT/1pm ct

Please visit the Calendar page for Schedule of Archery Division events.

                                                                   Sponsoring this years
                                                                  adult bow Give-A-Way!